Nail Salon Safety|Safety In The Nail Salon

Ever left a nail salon with more than you bargained for – an infection? Some nail salons are havens for bacteria and germs, and a small cuticle cut can cause a serious fungal infection if proper hygiene techniques are not followed through.,The health risks associated with salons, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, include bacterial infections; fungal infections like athlete’s foot, nail fungus and yeast; and viral infections.,Becoming aware of your salon’s surroundings and sanitary procedures is critical to keep your experience pleasant and healthy. Here are a few tips from BTG Cosmetics Inc. on what to look for during your next salon visit:,”Sanitizing instruments is only part of the solution,” said Ben Friedman, president of BTG Cosmetics. “Using a clean, fresh bottle of nail polish will ensure your nails are kept sanitary. Nail polish should be treated just like a toothbrush and I certainly wouldn’t want to share my toothbrush with anyone.”,The company has developed a new program called Toma Salon Service, which is available in various nail salons across the country. Rather than choosing a color that has been opened and used, nail services at these salons now include a new, unopened bottle of Toma SlimLine polish that you get to take home after your service is complete. And should you get a chip in the polish afterwards, you can easily repair it at home with the polish that was included with your service.