Get Rid of Back Acne Fast – 2 Effective Tips To Treat Back Acne

Pimples are not limited to the face. They may pop out in other places in the body like the neck, scalp, arms and back. Back acne, or bacne, is a rather common problem for many people. Back acne, like other kinds of zits, is formed when skin pores become clogged due to dirt or excess oil. When these pores are clogged, dead skin cells attract bacteria leading to acne. It doesn’t help that the back is prone to sweating. There are simple ways how to get rid of back acne fast so you don’t need to fret too much.,Simple Tips to Treat Back Acne,There are natural ways to treat back acne. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a remedy for various skin infections including pimple breakouts. Its antibacterial property makes it effective against such skin infections. Apple cider vinegar also fights off bacteria and helps balance the body’s pH level allowing better absorption of oil. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water then apply on your back. To reduce the inflammations and redness of the affected areas, apply Aloe Vera gel after washing. This will also help reduce the chances of scarring. Witch hazel also helps reduce swelling.,For those who prefer to take prescription medicines, there are topical treatments that most doctors advise pimple prone people to use. Benzoyl peroxide is one of them. It is a proven acne remedy and most dermatologists recommend you dab some on the affected areas after washing. Some doctors may prescribe oral antibiotics for severe cases of back acne. A little caution should be observed here as antibiotics may have some side effects. In such severe cases, chemical exfoliation may also be advised.,Easy Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Back Acne,One simple technique in battling back acne is to take a shower regularly, especially at the end of the day after you’ve been exposed to dirt and pollution. However, refrain from taking a bath too often. Don’t take more than two showers a day. Also, when taking a shower, use warm water. Cold water will only close the pores while hot water will dry up and damage the skin. You may also use a mild exfoliating soap or body wash that helps moisturize the skin. To keep up with the idea of staying clean, make sure to have your bed sheets and pillow cases replaced with clean ones regularly. Sweat is absorbed by old sheets allowing germs to proliferate. He same goes with the clothes you put on. For more reasons than one, refrain from repeating or wearing used clothes, especially shirts and bras. Do your laundry regularly using mild detergent.,Avoid actions that will make your back rub against other surfaces. Wearing tight clothes is one way to worsen back acne. Always wear clean and loose shirts to allow your back to breathe and to keep it from sweating. Excessive sweating will block your skin pores paving the way for germs to thrive and produce pimples. Another thing to avoid is carrying backpacks and other things that will make your back sweat and feel restricted.