Nova Dental Partners – Helping North Virginia, One Smile at a Time

Most experts recommend at least two routine dental visits per week. These checkups are important for maintaining your overall health as dental health plays an important role in prevention of chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes as well. However, only 60 percent of adults with access to dental health go for the routine visits. While some of you may not realize the importance of dental checkup, others have irrational fear and anxiety about it. At Nova Dental Partners, we work hard to remove you anxiety. Our dentists and assistants will provide gentle and personalized care to each patient, and make your dental visit as enjoyable as possible.,Before your Nova Dental Partners dentist or hygienist begins their treatment, they explain every aspect of the procedure to you. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity to look for early signs and symptoms of dental diseases. This will include teeth decay, gum diseases, oral cancer and other conditions. Our doctor will also examine the alignment and abnormalities of the dental structure. He will discuss the various treatment options with you, and help you make an informed choice without overwhelming you. Our hygienist will clean your teeth using specialized equipment. These tools will help clean the otherwise hard-to-reach nooks and corners of your teeth and gums. After thorough cleansing, we will work with you to improve your smile.,We can help whiten your teeth, and remove the tough stains caused by wine, coffee and sodas. We can also fix any chips and breaks in your teeth with crowns and bridges. We can fill the gaps in teeth with tooth colored fillings. We use Invisalign braces to align your crooked teeth. This transparent and removable device is painless and easy to use. These procedures will improve your smile significantly. They will also lower your risk of dental diseases and infections, as the bacteria find it difficult to settle in well-structured teeth.,Nova Dental Partners has three different locations in the north Virginia. You can choose between our Alexandria, Woodbridge and Old Town Offices. All our locations are equipped with the most modern equipment. We also invest in the continuing education of our dentists and dental assistants. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve. We specialize in gentle dentistry. We accept several dental insurances.