Pollen Allergy – Pollen Grain and its Superinfection

Pollen grains are the reproductive parts of the plants which involves in pollination to produce new and hybrid plants. External sources like wind, insects, etc are the carriers of pollen to the stigma of the gymnosperms. From where the pollen travels through the style tube and reach the ovary thereby entering the ovule and undergo pollination or fertilization for new or hybrid plants.

As already mentioned, pollen grains are carried by wind which is ultimately eligible to create a seasonal allergic rhinitis by entering noses and throats of humans. The condition is called as hay fever or rose fever. Not all pollens are allergic to all, only the selected ones attack the particular people who are already susceptible to pollen allergy.
There are three types of this reaction like tree pollen allergy, weed pollen allergy, grass pollen allergy. Also bee pollen allergy and birch pollen allergy are counted leaving the three types. Similar to the media the allergy differing, there are also different seasonal pollen allergy viz, summer, fall or spring, etc. these are classified according to the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases.

The symptoms and indication may be acute and chronic exceeding from days to weeks. Usually, the teenagers are known to get affected with severe rhino conjunctivitis, asthma and facial eczema, etc. there are also children subjected to asthma due to pollen allergy.

Using all the anti histamine is the treatment for the symptoms. Apart from allopathic, there is naturopathy treatment made available with mangosteen juice which is effective against wide varieties of allergies.