Old School New Body Review | Is Steve And Becky Holman’s The Program A Scam?

Old School New Body Review

Were you aware that once you get to the threshold of the age 40, you begin to age faster than usual? Yes, research has shown that if you do not exercise and eat healthy food, you will age 6 months more for every year you live.Which means that if you reach the ripe age of 60 and look in the mirror, you will see the body of a 70 years old!

Let’s be real; it’s super difficult to maintain a fit body when you hit 40.

I mean, there are a million and a half things that you need to take care of – kids, household chores as well as work. And you probably spend most of your time running from work to school and back home again. After getting back from work, there are again so many things up on the to-do list; things which you have to get done.

Work pressure, taking care of your kids and to top it the essential daily work at home – all of these take a toll on your health and physical well being. This results in stress and to beat stress you gorge on fried food, and obviously, there is no time to work out.

When this routine continues for months and years, you naturally go out of shape. As if in the blink of an eye! It is a real, real problem.

What is The Fitness Program?

Were you also aware that almost all people over 35 lose 4 pounds of body fat every year?All this things are reversible, there are ways to eat, walk, and make your brain to stop rapidly aging. This is not a fantasy, you will get younger body by delving into the secret routine of anti-aging。

It is not a surprise that most of the weight loss and fitness programs available now in the market are aiming to be catch all products or aiming to be products that anybody can use irrespective of how old you are. Old School New Body program has chosen to break the mold and help a different but smaller demographic which are adults of 40 years old and above. The fitness program gives these set of people an exceptional way to get into a superb shape at a very delicate stage of their lives.

Old School New Body as you have probably heard claims to be a complete fitness program which can reverse aging and get you feeling young again. Now as a user I think I have a pretty good idea how effective the program is and I’m guessing you’re here today to read my review and see whether it can help you look good and feel young. Well you’re in luck because the program is a unique method that funnily enough does what it claims, which is a rarity in this current age. The program isn’t a fad diet, or rip off weight loss supplement, it’s a complete step by step guide, spread out over twelve weeks to shape you, rejuvenate you and help you achieve your goals. It is effective because it includes everything you need to do to succeed from a healthy diet to a workout exercise F4X regime.

The Program Authors

Old School New Body program was created by Steve and Becky Holman. Steve Holman is editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine. Also America’s Lifestyle Strategist John M. Rowley also helped in the creation of this program.

The methods that Steve and Becky Holman shared in the fitness e-book was used to achieve the results they wanted. This makes the fitness program a living proof product. The authors personally used themselves as subjects and this program will show you what they did to be healthy, develop great bodies, and defy age.

From this self experimentation Steve and Becky Holman came up with a system they called the Old School New Body Program Focus 4 Exercise or F4X System. F4X is a workout and diet plan system that requires only 90 minutes a week of your time. The system is divided into 3 progressive sections that depend on your fitness goal and fitness level.


How does it work?

This system is revolutionary in that it fulfils an unmet need. That need is a guide that can take a person wanting to get fit and look young, with no idea how, to a successful person who has achieved their goals. It is a step by step guide, so you don’t have to think what to do, all you have to do is complete it and reap the rewards. The program includes a book which outlines everything you need to do to achieve the body you want. It is crafted for both genders and includes a exercise regime made up of three thirty minute workouts a week, which are very easy to follow, with videos and diagrams to assist you. The diet timetable is also very easy to follow as it still includes yummy foods and all ingredients are readily available. I first came across the program on an internet forum. People were raving about it and I just couldn’t resist getting involved. It wasn’t that expensive and a lot cheaper then my weekly budget of wrinkle creams, diet pills and supplements.

Share Some of My Experience

Once I got started with the program I found it very easy to follow. The way it is laid out is perfect for a beginner. At the end of my first week I felt different, but in a good way. I had never been into working out or keeping up with a diet, but the program made it fun. The exercise regime was challenging, but the short duration made it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. It wasn’t until the fifth week that I saw drastic changed. My waist was slimmer, wrinkles less prominent and energy levels sky high. My joints were also suppler and I was able to go for a jog one morning, which was the first time in thirty years. My skin looked smoother and healthier, less blotchy. It was fair to say at that point I was pleased with my results with Old School New Body, but I was still going to carry on.

Now, let’s look at the results

By the ninth week I had dropped twenty pounds, my muscles were more defined and my body looked younger and more athletic. I was ecstatic. My face looked younger; the muscles had made my face less wrinkly and gave it more shape. I used to have dark small blemishes pasted around my body, but hey had now disappeared. It was a miracle. My children said they couldn’t recognize me, which felt great. Honestly it was a great feeling knowing that other had noticed my hard work. By the last week of the program I felt great. The exercise regime had been getting slowly harder each week and I felt stronger and fitter then ever before. My face looked twenty years younger. I was getting compliments from those who knew me and even from those who didn’t. I was even asked my ID once while buying alcohol it the supermarket. Seeing how far I’d come was the best feeling in the world and I owed it to the program.

Benefits that I see with this fitness program

The reason Old School New Body works so well and why I feel it worked for me is because it killed the source of aging rather than cover up the symptoms. This was the main point I wanted to share in my review. The fitness program hits the cause through slowly but surely changing your lifestyle to one that rather than promotes aging, reverses it. Make up and anti-wrinkle cream only covers up the signs of aging, but the fitness program reduces it. Without it I would still be spending up to fifty dollars a week trying to hide my wrinkles, instead I don’t have many to hide. All the additional benefits of Old School New Body, such as higher energy levels, fitness levels etc, really make you feel young again no amount of cream can bring that feeling back.

Identify A Goal That You’re Focused On

It helps in tightening of muscles and helps you look that extra kilo that is otherwise every difficult to lose. So now you can shed your extra weight by just devoting 90 minutes per week and experience mind blowing results. The methods mentioned in the book have already been tried and tested and hence can give you guaranteed results. The only important aspect that one should take care of is that the given instructions are followed obediently. You should apply the force that is needed and execute the given plan mentioned in the book. This type of work out plan lets you enjoy the taste of your favorite delicacies without you making you eat bland food. This method is the best way to get rid of your fats and still maintain the muscle weight which makes you look physically healthy and fit.

Helps you to rejuvenate your body

This  program really helped me out not only physically, but mentally and financially. I have saved so much on anti-wrinkle cream and look better then I have ever looked before. It worked for me and thousands upon thousands of other user like me and you. As cliché as this is if I could stick to it, you can too. The program does guarantee results, trust me if you stick with it for the full duration you will see and feel the difference. Now I hope my y review has inspired you and let you know it is possible to look up to ten years younger. If you have any questions on the program or my review please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to visit the official website please click below.

Contents of The Program

The Old School New Body program begins with the Breaking Myth and Revealing Truth introduction and the basic difference is that the program deals with the truth and certain fitness myths applicable to adults of 40 years and above. After the introduction, next is the main program which is the F4X exercise and meal plans. The Focus 4 Exercise system is basically divided into 3 sections.

first and second sections

The first section of the program is called F4X Lean; which is the starting point of the whole program where everybody usually begins. F4X Lean exposes you to the basic F4X exercise protocols and diet plans. The main aim of this phase is to help you in losing the excess body fat that is weighing you down. The other two sections of the program are optional. This means that if you can complete the F4X Lean, then you have enough to raise you to a higher health standard. However if that isn’t enough you can proceed to the second phase called F4X Shape. F4X Shape modifies you to the basic F4X lifting and diet style which is aimed at helping you raise your fitness level and build lean muscles.

third period

The last section of the program which is also optional after the conclusion of F4X Shape is called F4X Build. F4X Build further modifies you to the basis F4X exercise and meal plan. After this, you are expected to have developed bulk 15-30lb of extra muscles.

The Secret To Getting Real Results

As you delve deeper into the system, you’ll realize that it’s not all about the F4X technique. As you go through the different phases of the FX4 technique, you also need to keep 5 things in mind:


  • The first one is eating enough ‘good fats’. According to the author, good fats are essential for building quality muscle and a toned, fit body. Good fats promote hormone production and also replenish muscle cells.
  • The second thing is that you must avoid workouts that are disadvantageous, such as long cardio workouts. In the same regard, you must also avoid spending endless hours training in the gym as you might instead undo all the benefits of your training.
  • Do not stress: don’t blame age for your flabby physique.
  • Take lots of water. This is really a no brainer for anyone interested in fitness and healthy living. In addition to cleansing the body of toxic substances, drinking water helps to replenish lost fluids though sweat.
  • Keep your workouts short. Most fitness enthusiasts (mostly beginners) tend to over workout and end up fatigued and tired. Your body needs to rest and you shouldn’t give it more than it can handle. The F4X system is sufficient to meet all your fitness needs without stretching your body. The workouts are short, intense, and effective.

Now to the pros and cons of this program…

Old School New Body – The Pros

  • This program is specially designed for people who are 35 years and above
  • It is a living proof product. The authors are both within this age bracket and have gone through this program themselves
  • This program only takes 90 minutes of your time every week
  • Similar products use bonuses as deal fluffers. The bonus the program gives are of high value in their own right
  • The fitness program also comes with a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what the product offers or you don’t find it helpful, Steve and Becky Holman are willing to give you a total refund of your investment.

The Cons

  • If you don’t fall between 40 years and above this program is not for you. Only if you are having joint problems associated with those that are in this age bracket.

The Bottom Line

The Old School New Body is an easy to follow program that delivers the result it promises despite it just taking 90 minutes of your time in one week. The only person that can understand the needs of the people in this age bracket are Steve and Becky Holman as they also fall within this demographic. This product is cheap and less expensive, the bonus it offers are amazing and it surely should be part of your weight loss archive.